Eman Research Ltd, which is a Not-For-Profit research organisation registered in Australia. Eman Research is fully owned and funded by NatureCeuticals Sdn Bhd. Eman Research is a multidisciplinary research platform that combines chemistry, biotechnology, engineering, pharmacy and agronomy for medical application. With the combination of all these key platforms is the doorway for the establishment of advanced medical technology that employs botanical drugs and medical devices.  Through the many years of our unofficial collaboration via our entities such as Eman Biodiscoveries Sdn Bhd and NatureCeuticals Sdn Bhd, we realise that it is time we move to another level of cooperation. We believe our expertise in botanical science will complete the eco system for botanical drug development. Hence a more robust collaboration with Australian University is required to bolster our research collaboration. Hence we would like to explore into the possibility of the intrested Australian University to host Eman Research Botanical laboratory at their location. With this collaboration, we can house our hydroponic, fertigation and plant tissue culture facilities to be utilised by students and our associate researchers. We can also house our other facilities (clinical trial projects and pre-clinical research labs) when it is appropriate. 


Mission and Vision

Making drug discovery affordable and making the most of your research success.
Eman Research (ER) aims are broadly span all aspects of drug discovery. ER's mission is to promote the development of natural compounds derived from plant extract. These may be crude, standardized or highly purified extracts.
Eman Research intends to promote a sustainable ecosystem in the pharmaceutical industry where many segments of the communities (such as pharma company or different wings of a same company) will benefit from the farming communities, industrial players and end users.
To protect and safeguard our environment, Eman Research will also promote the use of high tech agriculture such as the hydroponics system to ensure that our industrial needs have a minimal effect on our natural resources. EMAN Research will also promote the use of environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar, wind and biofuel.



The cost of medicine is highly dependent on the cost of research and development and these high costs partly arise from expensive research equipment and the employment of highly-skilled personnel.
Noteably, many R&D facilities in public institutions are underutilized. Eman Research aims to connect these laboratories both locally and internationally to form a worldwide network for drug discovery. This network will implicate researchers in agroscience, molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical sciences, engineering, business and marketing. With this network at his/her fingertips, researchers involved in drug discovery and development projects will be able to drastically reduce their drug discovery project costs. 


Eman Research will help to build this network by teaming up with institutions or individuals willing to provide the consultation and services for its members. Eman Research will develop a web-based application akin to the networking and collaboration application but with real time monitoring for research projects. EMAN Research will first focus on certain projects but the scope of services will expand as the institution becomes more established. EMAN Research’s first project will focus on the development of herbal products that target angiogenesis.


EMAN Research will utilize the following strategies to establish its network:


- Appointment of selected EMAN Lab alumini and selected researchers around the world as EMAN Research representative in their country state.



- Invitation of researchers and institutions around the world to be members or affiliates of EMAN Research.



-Launching of EMAN Research scientific journal. EMAN Research will launch its “open-access” journal 'Angiotherapy' that will be available to all its members at a minimum charge.



-Organization of yearly “EMAN Research” international conferences for its members to present new research findings. This conference will provide a platform for networking among researchers from various field.



-Launching a drug discovery web-based application. EMAN Research will establish a web based application that will help its members share resources for their drug discovery projects.



- EMAN Research will strive for donations and industry funding to help fund selected research projects or scholarship program for eligible applicants.


- Promotion of members’ research activities.



Maintaining a strong research network is a challenging task due to different work ethics, individual personalities and cultural norms. Therefore, EMAN Research will implement the Six-Sigma and Eman Management system that is based on the teaching of the best theory. EMAN Research has produced a simple guideline called the M-Way management that can easily be implemented by its members.


Angiogenesis is the process by which new blood vessels develop and it plays a critical role in almost 70% of human diseases. Hence, blocking or stimulating angiogenesis may have many therapeutic applications in treating or managing diseases such as cancer, obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and many more.
The use of natural products to target angiogenesis will have many advantages. Natural products generally tend to have better safety profile and often show biological efficacy.
Eman Research aims to promote the development of angiogenesis-targeted compounds derived from plant extracts. These may be crude, standardized or highly purified extracts.




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For more information and technical inquiry please write to our CEO

Dr. Shams

E-mail: shams.sultankhan@emanresearch.org